by Katie Bonna 


A work-in-progress showing


Inspired by the Greek chorus and the golden age of musical theatre, Paper. Scissors. Stone. tells the interwoven stories of three generations of women living in Shrewsbury, all linked by a local school. Over the course of a weekend, each character is forced to confront how much they control their behaviour – or maybe how much they are controlled by it. 

Paper. Scissors. Stone. subverts recognizable theatrical conceits to crack open the gender conditioning we recognize, but don’t always see.
Paper. Scissors. Stone. had showcase performances at VAULT Festival (London) on Sat 3 & Sun 4 March 2018 and at Elevator Festival (Live Theatre, Newcastle) on Wed 14 March 2018. 


Cast & Crew


Eleanor Katie Bonna

Sherbert Charlotte Dowding

Carys Rebecca Johnson


Director Hannah Joss

Designer Lily Arnold

Composers Alexandra Faye Braithwaite & Quiet Boy

Sound Designer Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

Musical Director Quiet Boy

Movement Director Naomi Said

Dramaturg Sarah Dickenson


Paper. Scissors. Stone. is generously supported by Arts Council England, The Peggy Ramsey Foundation and is a Live Theatre Live Lab Bursary 2017 recipient.