Now that the good dog 2019 national tour has kicked off, we look at some of the amazing reviews that have come in so far.



“This marks Kene out as one of the most talented British playwrights around at the moment.”

The Stage



“Another work of genius from Arinzé Kene, forensically analysing a community and telling an emotional story at the same time – Kwaku Mills is one to watch”

Mind the Blog



‘Arinzé Kene’s crackling, compelling monologue’

The Guardian



‘an enthralling performance from Kwaku Mills’

The Scotsman



‘Brought to captivating life by Kwaku Mills’

The Herald



"Raging energy and…chuckle-out-loud observational humour”

The Spy in the Stalls



‘This story touches the depths of your existence, no matter if you’ve ever been in this boy’s shoes or you’ve just realised watching how bittersweet happiness turns out to be.’

Theatre Full Stop



'funny and tragic, often at the same time.'




“essential viewing”




‘Kwaku Mills holds and enthrals the audience.’

‘I cannot recommend this play highly enough.’

Fairy Powered Productions



‘Kwaku Mills is spectacular, combined with Kene’s writing is a masterclass in characterisation.’

The Reviews Hub



‘Arinzé Kene has an eye for the everyday details of life that most of us miss’

Southside Advertiser


★★★★★ Story / ★★★★ Acting

‘Kwaku Mills does a brilliant job’

Sharlare Reviews


‘the production is a roller-coaster of storytelling, and further proof that Arinze Kene is quickly becoming one of the most crucial voices in contemporary British theatre.’

London Box Office


“thought-provoking, immersive and humorous right from the outset”

Brits and Pieces


‘It’s near impossible not to feel moved by this performance.’

Nights Out In Newcastle


“It’s real, it doesn’t hold back and I would definitely recommend it.”

Chelsea Black


“expertly portrayed by Kwaku Mills”

Shades of Noir


“the audience around me were brought to tears of laughter or nodding appreciatively in presence of a shared history.”

Circus Mums


“a masterpiece of personal storytelling”

The Blog of Theatre Things


“A performance you need to see in 2019”

In Newcastle


“an unflinching and vital piece of theatre”

Number 9 


“a play that packs a real punch and Kwaku Mills’ performance really is one of a kind”

Sincerely Amy


“when theatre is as good as this it needs to be seen”

Patricia Rodgers


“Mills expertly commands the stage”

Distinguished Diva


“tapestry of Tottenham life on the eve of riots”

Comedy Feed


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