Before blasting off to Adelaide, the team behind Build a Rocket answers some quick questions on their journey so far: 


Q: What was the inspiration for Build a Rocket?

Christopher York: To give a voice to the women of my hometown who’ve helped make me a better human.


Q: What inspired you to get involved with the show?

Serena Manteghi: Firstly and most importantly, it’s brilliantly written. The script is the star of the show and I totally fell in love with Yasmin as a character.

Tara Finney: I was working as the in-house producer at SJT so was involved heavily in the first production - I loved the show and couldn’t let it go after I left, so asked Paul (Artistic Director) if I could take the lead on its future life with TFP...I knew it was going to have an exciting one!


Q. What’s the best moment in the show?

SM: That would be telling! You’ll have to come see!

CY: There’s a certain moment I get chills, and I can’t spoil it for people, but it’s that moment.

TF: It’s a really theatrical production - the moments where the lighting and sound designs are totally in sync with the movement work are pretty special.


Q: What’s been the most surprising reaction to the show so far?

SM: Early on I was surprised at how many men have connected so strongly to the show but then, it’s about motherhood and every man had a mother somewhere along the line :)

CY: An old man took me to one side post show and explained how it reminded him of his mother, he burst into tears and we had the kind of hug that two northern blokes do.


Q: What are you most excited about taking the production to Adelaide?

CY: I’ve never been out of Europe... and it’s Australia, like, that’s cool AF.

SM: I LOVE the Adelaide festival and am particularly excited to be at Holden Street Theatre this year. But mostly, I’m looking forward to that golden Aussie hospitality, I have never met so many welcoming people anywhere else in the world.

TF: I’m excited to see how the Aussies will react to Yasmin’s Scarborian accent...


Q: Describe the show in three words!

TF: Tour-de-force.

CY: Badass, working-class, fun.

SM: Fun, fierce fire-cracker!


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