by DA Nixon

St. Ives is a darkly funny play investigating ideas of dissent and identity in the West Country post-Brexit.


The story follows two young locals, Jago and Kay, living in a holiday cottage out of season. But when the cottage’s owner arrives unexpectedly, Jago and Kay are forced to confront why staying in St. Ives, why staying in Cornwall, is so important to them. The play asks what ties us to the place we’re from? And what that place might look like post-Brexit?


St. Ives will have a free public reading at the Barbican OpenFest on Saturday 23rd February at 1.30pm. For further info click the link below

R&D Cast & Crew


Ray Nigel Hastings

Maggie Rebecca Johnson

Kay Laura Kirman

Jago Rowan Polonski

Oli Matthew Tennyson

Amir Parth Thakerar


Director Sara Joyce
Dramaturg Sarah Dickenson
This project was funded by Art50, a scheme commissioned by Sky Arts to explore the notion of British identity in the wake of Brexit. 


Art50 Being British Post Brexit